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Prelims - January 2020

Instructions for Senior Phase Pupils                                                

         Monday 13 to Friday 24 January (inclusive)

1. All senior phase pupils must attend school on Monday 13 January to Friday 24 January.  There is no study leave.  When pupils are not in an examination they will attend class as usual.

When attending school for examinations normal school standards and guidelines, including those on dress, will of course still apply.

2. Check the timetable of examinations carefully and report any difficulties to Mrs McGlade immediately.

3. Every year pupils misread or forget the time and place of an examination.  To ensure that this does not happen to you, note carefully the time and place of every paper that you are sitting.  Be in your place ten minutes before the examination is due to begin.  Make sure that you have whatever equipment/materials may be needed.

           4. During an examination you must conduct yourself in such a way that you allow yourself               and others the fullest opportunity to do well.

          5. Staff invigilating have instructions to note the name of any pupil behaving in a fashion                  which is inappropriate for examination conditions.

6. You may not leave (except in an emergency) until your examination is ended and until you are instructed to do so by the invigilating member of staff.

Mrs McGlade

November 2019

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