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Coronavirus Update

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Public Information  
In late December 2019, the People’s Republic of China reported an outbreak of pneumonia due to unknown cause in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. 
In early January 2020, the cause of the outbreak was identified as a new coronavirus, named novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). While early cases were likely infected by an animal source in a seafood and livestock market in Wuhan, ongoing human-to-human transmission is now occurring. 

There are a number of coronaviruses that are transmitted from human-to-human. The most common of these are not of public health concern. However, 2019-nCoV can cause respiratory illness of varying severity and though the majority will have mild symptoms it can also cause severe illness. Currently, there is no vaccine and no specific treatment for those infected with the virus. 
This information sheet contains links to advice for the public on what the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is, who is at risk, and what you can do to prevent infection.  
General Information  
If you do not have symptoms and are looking for general information, a free helpline has been set up on 0800 028 2816
For further information about what coronavirus is, the symptoms, and how the virus spreads, see: 
NHS Inform 
Health Protection Scotland (HPS) – including guidance for health professionals 
World Health organisation (WHO) 

Public Health England (PHE) - Novel coronavirus background information  

Advice for Returning Travellers  
NHS Inform - Q&A, Self-help guide and helpline number 
Travel Guidance  
If you are looking for travel guidance, see: 
Fit for Travel (China) 
Fit for travel - Recommendations for Travellers 
Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) - Travel Advice 
Latest Information and Advice  
If you would like to keep up to date on the latest information and advice, including the number of coronavirus tests carried out in Scotland and the UK see: 
Scottish Government - Novel coronavirus: Scottish test numbers 
Department of Health and Social Care - Coronavirus: latest information and advice  

Preventative Measures 
If you would like to know more about basic protective measures against the new coronavirus, see: 
WHO – Basic Protective Measures  
Accessing Healthcare 
For more information on accessing healthcare and assistance: 
Healthcare for overseas visitors  
Healthcare for refugees and asylum seekers

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