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Coronavirus Update 02/03/20

Coronavirus continues to dominate the news as cases spread across the world. We will share information that we receieve directly regarding coronavirus through news stories on this website. 

In relation to recent travel from Italy, the area of concern is only for Northern Italy - north of Pisa, Florence or Rimini.  Anyone from those areas and any further south is currently not affected.

We are expecting further updates from Health Protection Scotland.   In the meantime here is an update from  Public Health England with a map of areas affected. 

Unless you have returned from the areas in category 1 (in which case please see the link for  guidance), no action is required unless you develop symptoms.

If returned from areas in category 2 and if you develop symptoms then the most important thing is to self isolate in the first instance.  Then please contact your GP by PHONE (not in person) within hours, or NHS24 out of hours for telephone assessment.  Please do not attend your GP in person.

Although the PHE guidance with regard Italy refers to return since 19 February, the advice in Scotland still relates to return within the last 14 days.

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