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Beeslack High School Update 30.3.20

Distance Learning Updates

We have made it to the end of the first week of digital learning! Our distance learning platforms are all up and running now and the majority of pupils are accessing their learning on –line. It has been really wonderful to see our pupils engaging in this way and also helping others despite some technical issues. Glow and Microsoft Teams are proving temperamental at times, but pupils and staff are working well together to help out with any teething problems.


Parent/Carer Feedback

The pupil support team have been checking in with pupils and families and some of the feedback we have received would indicate that it might be helpful to provide you with some guidance around how much learning pupils, particularly S1-3, should be engaging in. Some pupils are completing everything in a day and others are not engaging in much at all. There is a fine balance to be struck and we understand that some families will be sharing devices and others may just be feeling overwhelmed.

Other Top Tips

Learning at home is very different to learning in school; pupils are used to working in groups, chatting, laughing and discussing their learning with peers and teachers. We don’t expect pupils to be following their normal school timetable and it would be quite normal for pupils to complete work in less or more time than they would in class depending on the individual.

To support our pupils and families as we all adjust to on-line working/learning and being in the same space for prolonged periods of time, we have pulled together some top tips for managing learning during this time. We are living in a time of information overload, particularly in relation to Covid-19; this can cause added anxiety and stress for some of our children and families, so remember: it’s ok to stop and switch off.

Here are our recommendations;

  • Try to have a structure and a routine for the day
  • Pupils should work at a pace they and parents/carers feel comfortable with. Pupils should not feel they need to complete everything immediately
  • Due dates for assignments are set as a guide, if your son/daughter thinks they won’t complete the work by that date they can contact the teacher and let them know
  • Pupils can contact their teachers during ‘normal’ school times. They can do this privately by using the email facility in Microsoft teams or openly with all their peers in class on the general posts section for each of the class teams they are in
  • If you feel your son/daughter is not coping with the work it’s ok to reduce the amount of work they complete.
  • These are not normal circumstances and pupils should try to complete between 2 and 3 hours of work across the course of the day – again don’t panic if this is not possible
  • Learning can take many forms e.g. reading, cooking, exercise, listening to music etc. YouTube (if used well) is also a wonderful tool for learning!

As we all navigate this time it’s important to remember every child is in the same boat, so if your son/daughter is overwhelmed then take time out from their school work. Life has been turned upside down for everyone and spending family time together is important.

When we return to school, the staff team will ensure that no-one is left behind and we will do our very best to support everyone during this time. Our school values focus on positive relationships and we are a community school – we will always look out for each other.


Senior Phase

Senior Phase students will be continuing with work normally completed in class at this time, this is on Edmodo or Microsoft Teams. We have shared with you already the most recent guidance issued by SQA and we are awaiting further clarification. This is a difficult time for students, particularly for those who have work in the school building which cannot be accessed by pupils or staff. We are currently gathering information from Principal Teachers to enable us to send you more information and clarify some of the frequently asked questions you are emailing us with. Please bear with us as this will inevitably change as time progresses.

There is also lots of information and learning activities on the BBC Bitesize website (link below) which senior phase students can also opt into.


Ongoing Communication

We are continually adding information to our school website – please check it regularly, particularly the distance learning pages and the financial assistance page.

If you have any questions or queries please contact us through the school email address ( and these will be directed to the most appropriate member of staff for a response.

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