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Beeslack High School Senior Phase Update

SQA Update

SQA made a statement late on Monday and released information to schools on their certification model for session 2019/20. This is based on the following principles

  • Fairness to all learners
  • Safe and secure certification of qualifications, while following the latest public health advice; and
  • Maintaining the integrity and credibility of the qualifications system, ensuring that standards are maintained over time, in the interests of learners.

SQA has outlined that the process of certification will be a ‘four step process’:

  1. Estimates: An estimate is a holistic professional judgement based on a candidate’s attainment in all aspects of the course and should reflect the candidate’s demonstrated and inferred attainment of the required skills, knowledge and understanding of the course.
  2.  Awarding: SQA, as our national examination body, will review and moderate estimates submitted by schools.  This means that school estimates will not necessarily be the final grade awarded to students.  SQA’s moderation of school estimates is an internal process.  SQA will apply an analysis of a range of data, gathered over previous sessions, to ensure that final grades awarded are consistent with results from previous years.  The range of data applied by SQA to moderate school estimates will include;
  • estimates submitted and results achieved in previous years at both school and national level
  • the prior SQA attainment of individual students in 2019 and/or 2018
  • national progression rates showing the grades achieved over time as candidates move through the levels of courses available,  e.g. what  would a candidate typically achieve if they’d secured a ‘B’ in N5 and then gone on to sit Higher
  • how the grades awarded have been distributed across all candidates over time, i.e. what proportion of candidates in a subject achieve As, Bs, etc.

This is a complex process for school but one that will be centred on fairness for all learners as indicated above.

3. Results and Certification: SQA will inform students of their results on the 4th of August. Students are encouraged to sign-up to MySQA, as a direct way to receive their results.

4. Appeals: This year there will be a free appeals service to review any results that are felt to be unfair. As part of this service, schools will be required to submit their evidence to SQA. This evidence will then be reviewed by senior examiners and students’ grades adjusted, or not, as appropriate.

SQA has now provided a more detailed document for schools on how estimates should be derived and submitted this year.

 As a school, our focus is on reviewing evidence, classwork etc. and ensuring our processes are fully in line with SQA guidance. Our estimate grades will be subject to our own quality assurance and analysis prior to their submission on the 29th May.

You can read the statement in full here.

Senior Phase Learning and Teaching

We have received some correspondence from parents and carers with regard to learning and teaching for senior phase students. We understand with the cancelation of the exams that senior phase students may be lacking motivation to engage in learning.

 At this time, senior phase students would normally be on study leave and staff would be working to develop the timetable for next session. These are not normal times and as a result members of the leadership team have been working during their holidays to progress the timetable so that we can move our students on to their new courses earlier. This is not an easy task in normal circumstances and we are now trying to achieve this remotely. We have fewer staff who have access to the required software for writing a timetable and the information systems we use to gather and consolidate data, as a result the process is more complex. I thought it would be helpful for you to understand the timeline we are working towards and what will happen when.

Week Beginning

Timeline of Activities

20th April

Principal Teachers/class teachers will post work for senior phase pupils to consolidate their learning and prepare them for the next stage in their learning. This may take the form of revision tasks, BBC bitesize, past paper exercises, research etc.

Ongoing work reviewing candidate work, discussions and moderation activities to support the completion of Estimates for SQA candidates.

27th April

The Pupil Support team will make phone calls to discuss course choices with any young person who we have been unable to meet all of their first choice subjects.


 In-order for this to be based on current/live data we need to input all current course choices remotely. We are endeavouring to complete this task this week.

4th May

Finalise course lists ensuring any re-coursing has been completed and allow Principal Teachers to create new Microsoft teams and adapt materials for virtual learning.

As some of our courses require new staff or college to deliver learning and teaching, there will be some courses we cannot yet provide materials for.

11th May

Learning for new courses will be posted on-line.


S4 students will begin learning for S5 courses some will move from N4 to N5, from N5 to Higher etc.

S5 students will begin learning for S6 courses


For pupils currently in S3 – pupils will begin their new S4 courses at the appropriate level they have chosen e.g. N3, N4 or N5.



Access to IT

If your child does not have a device or access to internet, please let us as soon as possible by emailing and we will explore supports that will help ensure all young people can access the senior virtual curriculum on offer.

Thank you for your support and patience as we work though the timeline above – it’s a complex task to create a new timetable and even more challenging when working remotely!

Please get in touch if any of the information included above requires clarification.

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