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S1-3 Learning Update 30.4.20

S1-3 Learning and Teaching Update

Thank you to all of you who have emailed in with your feedback on our new timetable for S1-3 pupils. It has been very helpful to receive your comments and we will continue to refine our approaches to on-line learning.

At this time, a team of staff would normally be working to develop the timetable for next session which is scheduled to start on 1st of June. These are not normal times and as a result members of the leadership team have been working during their holidays to progress the timetable so that we can move our pupils on to their new timetable in a staged process. This is not an easy task in normal circumstances and we are now trying to achieve this remotely. We have fewer staff who have access to the required software and the information systems we use to gather and consolidate data, as a result the process is more complex. I thought it would be helpful for you to understand the timeline we are working towards and what will happen when.


Week Beginning

Timeline of Activities

20th April

Principal Teachers/class teachers will post work for senior phase pupils to consolidate their learning and prepare them for the next stage in their learning. This may take the form of revision tasks, BBC bitesize, past paper exercises, research etc.


Work for S1-3 pupils will continue following the term 3 timetable issued on the 20th April.

Ongoing work reviewing candidate work, discussions and moderation activities to support the completion of Estimates for SQA candidates.

27th April

The Pupil Support team will make phone calls to discuss course choices with any young person who we have been unable to meet all of their first choice subjects. They will start with pupils in S3-5.


4th May

Finalise course lists for Senior Phase ensuring any re-coursing has been completed and allow Principal Teachers to create new Microsoft teams and adapt materials for virtual learning.


As some of our courses require new staff or college to deliver learning and teaching, there will be some courses we cannot yet provide materials for.

11th May

Learning for new Senior Phase courses will be posted on-line.


Current S4 students will begin learning for S5 courses some will move from N4 to N5, from N5 to Higher etc.

Current S5 students will begin learning for S6 courses


For pupils currently in S3 – pupils will begin their new S4 courses at the appropriate level they have chosen e.g. N3, N4 or N5.


18th May

The Pupil Support team will make phone calls to discuss course choices with any young person in S2 who we have been unable to meet all of their first choice subjects.



1st June

Pupils in S2 will move to the courses they have chosen for S3


There will be no change for pupils in S1



We are intending to issue a full written report for all S1 and S2 pupils. Staff are working on these currently. We will endeavour to email reports if we hold a valid email address for you as currently we don’t have the facility to post reports at the moment. Please be mindful that this process will take much longer than normal and we will aim to send reports to you during the weeks indicated below;

  • S2 – Week commencing 11th May
  • S1 – Week commencing 25th May

We will send out a text message when reports go out - if you haven't received your child’s report please contact us through the  email, confirming your address. There will be no further reports this session for pupils in S3.

Access to IT

If your child does not have a device or access to internet, please let us as soon as possible by emailing and we will explore supports that will help ensure all young people can access the senior virtual curriculum on offer.

Thank you for your support and patience as we work though the timeline above – it’s a complex task to create a new timetable and even more challenging when working remotely!


Please get in touch if any of the information included above requires clarification.

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