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Budget and Session 2019-20

As intimated in my letter in March, and at the Parent Information Evening on Monday 18th March, we have been working through a number of options in order to meet the budget gap for Session 2019-20.

In consultation with pupils, parents and staff, we have agreed to remove the 10 minute registration period at the start of each day. We carry out electronic registration at the start of each period throughout the day and our attendance procedures were outlined fully in Ms Donoghue’s letter at the end of last term.

The removal of registration will take effect from Monday 3rd June, when we change the school timetable. This will have an impact on the timing of the school day and the new times are detailed below. There will be no change to the start time. School will finish at 3.20pm Monday – Thursday, and 12.05pm on a Friday. Bus contracts will remain the same as the buses are always at school by 3.15pm.

Monday - Thursday


Period 1

8.30 – 9.20am

Period 1

8.30 – 9.20am

Period 2

9.20 – 10.10am

Period 2

9.20 – 10.10am

Period 3

10.10 – 11am


10.10 – 10.25am


11am – 11.15am

Period 3

10.25 – 11.15am

Period 4

11.15 – 12.05pm

Period 4

11.15 – 12.05pm

Period 5

12.05 -12.55pm

School Closes


12.55 – 1.40pm

Period 6

1.40 – 2.30pm

Period 7

2.30 -3.20pm

We understand that this may impact on childcare arrangements for some at the end of the day and we will provide space and supervision for pupils until 3.35pm, until the end of term, to allow time for child care arrangements to be amended for the new session in August.

A number of administrative duties are carried out during registration and we have identified a variety of ways in which these duties can be fulfilled at other times throughout the week without adversely affecting teaching time.

We are moving to a new version of our management information system which will allow us to email letters etc. directly to your inbox without the need for printing (hard copies will be available for those who have no email access and all letters will continue to be posted on the school website). This will allow us to develop a more sustainable method of communication, as well as helping to reduce printing costs.

Please can you complete the slip below and indicate which email account you would like us to use for correspondence. We already have this information for some parents/carers but we want to ensure we have up-to-date information – apologies for the duplication if you have already returned information following a previous request.  We hope to launch this at the start of next session as this does require a period of time to set up.

On a positive note, we are able to offer more Advanced Highers than we anticipated. These are likely to be taught in bi-level classes, i.e. Higher and Advanced Higher are taught simultaneously in the same class, as we have delivered in previous years. The Advanced Highers available at Beeslack for next session are:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Biology
  • Music
  • Art
  • Computing
  • French
  • German

We will also make use of the travel column and work closely with our nearest neighbouring schools to support students who wish to take an Advanced Higher in a subject area we are unable to deliver. The organisation of this will be worked out with the individuals concerned.

I would like to express my thanks to parents, pupils and staff for their contributions to the discussions around the decisions we have had to make, and to the Parent Council for their support in what has been a difficult and unsettling time.

Finally, the Beeslack Parent Council AGM is on Wednesday 1st May at 6.30pm in the Bistro. Refreshments will be served and you are all more than welcome to attend.

Lynn Black


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