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Every year after the SQA exams we analyse and evaluate our attainmnet. Schools across Scotland use statistical information provided by Insight to evaluate their performance in a number of areas. These include

  • Attainment in Literacy and Numeracy
  • Attainment Vs Deprivation
  • Positive Destinations 
  • Improving attainment for all

The attainment for each school is compared to a vitrual comparator school; this comparator is a way of comparing the performance of all pupils at Beeslack with a group of pupils, taken from around Scotland, who have the same backgrounds as our pupils here. This gives a very fair way of comparing our performance to that of a similar group of pupils. This enables us to see where performance is strong and where it might be considered as needing improvement. In general each school would ideally like to be out performing the virtual comparator.

Individual faculties can also use this informaiton to look at specific aspects of attainment using filters to drill into the data. This may include looking specifically at gender, age, etc.

We have included a brief summary of the main headline figures in our attainment this session in the video below.


More informaiton can be accessed using the link provided:

Education Scotland Parent Zone


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