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Broad General Education

Here you will find a variety of resources which will help support you in your English and literacy studies in S1 to S3.  There are our popular “Literacy Mats” which offer advice, examples and success criteria for a whole range of literacy tasks.  You will also find sentence start cards to help improve the fluency of your writing and advice and success criteria for talk activities. 

If you wish to work on the technical accuracy of your writing, there are also language activities to help build your knowledge and skills. 

We have also included links to really helpful websites which allow you to work on your English and language skills using games and on line resources.


  • Literacy Mats
  • Literacy Resources
  • Listening and Talking Resources
  • Writing Resources
  • Reading Resources
  • Spelling Resource
  • Language
  • Miscellaneous
  • Useful Links

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