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Course Choice 2021-22

Welcome to the Course choice section of our website for session 2021-2022. 

Course Choice Information Newsletter for Pupils, Parents and Carers

This newsletter contains relevant information, videos and advice on all of the course choice process for session 2021-22 for pupils in S3,4 and 5. The newsletter is designed to provide information which we would normally present at our information evening in January each year. Due to the current restrictions we have been unable to do that this year. Please view the newsletter in FULL SCREEN MODE to ensure you can access all of the information. 

Beeslack Community High School
This information newsletter is designed to provide parents and carers with important information on learner pathways and the course choice process for pupils moving into and through the sen…
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More information will be posted for pupils moving from S2 into S3 in due course. 

Please select the relevant year group to access this years subject choice forms. 

Our Curricular Information area provides further details about all of the courses offered to our pupils.  This will allow pupils and parents/carers to quickly access important information about the courses, which should help inform the course choice process. 

You can also find more information about our School/College PartnershipFoundation Apprenticeships and our links with The Open University (YASS) and Edinburgh University's (LEAPS).

Course Choice Information

The information sheets below show you at a glance what courses are on offer within the Senior Phase (S4-6) in Beeslack Community High School.

S3 into S4 Course Choice

S4/5 into S5/6 Course Choice

The pathway information below allows you to see what SCQF Levels are available to pupils in all subject areas.

S3 into S4 Curriculum Pathways

S4/5 into S5/6 Curriculum Pathways


S2 Course Choice 

This year's course choice for S2 pupils moving into S3 will be a little different.  Our previous course choice sheet can be viewed below.  However, this year it will be done via Microsoft Forms, followed by a virtual consultation with your guidance teacher.

S2 into S3 Course Choice Sheet (For Info Only)

Your course form will be accessible here soon.

S3 Course Choice 

S3 Course Choice form

S3 into S4 Course Choice

S4 Course Choice 

Your course form will be accessible here soon.

S5 Course Choice 

Your course form will be accessible here soon.

Schools College Partnership

The Schools College Partnership (SCP) allows colleges work with secondary schools in Edinburgh and the Lothians to offer additional course opportunities for S4-S6 pupils. The SCP courses are added to your existing school timetables, allowing you to attend college on a part-time basis. College provides a different learning environment compared to school which can help prepare you for your next steps. You will have the chance to meet new people, make new friends and have fun as well as getting great results. Doing a college course whilst at school gives you extra skills and experience. 

If you are interested in applying for a schools/college partnership place please contact pupil support or your guidance teacher in the first instance.  Please let us know the course you are interested in applying for and if you need any support completing the application.

We have attached a helpful writing frame that may assist you with your application below:

College Application writing frame

You can also view the course catalogue here:
Edinburgh College Catalogue

Foundation Apprenticeships 


Foundation Apprenticeships are open to pupils entering 5th year. You must have the ability to study at SCQF level 6 (Higher equivalent) in a vocational setting, and meet the entry requirements of the course.  Attainment is measured by ongoing assessment in college and in the workplace.  


On successful completion of the course, you will achieve a Joint Qualification Certificate for the Foundation Apprenticeship in your chosen subject. This is a group Award at SCQF level 6 which

Comprises a National Progression Award (NPA) and a Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) or National Certificate (NC) and elements of a Modern Apprenticeship.


  • You should select College/Foundation Apprenticeship as one of your senior phase subject choices. 
  • You will also need to submit an online application via the Edinburgh College website. 

Courses open for application online from February 17 2020.

If you have any questions about the Foundation Apprenticeship programmes please talk to your guidance teacher, careers adviser in school or contact the Foundation Apprenticeship team.

To find out more about Foundation Apprenticeships please visit Apprenticeships.Scot.



Phone: 0131 297 8037 





Edinburgh College is offering Foundation Apprenticeships in the following areas.  For further information scroll down and click on the links below.

Foundation Apprenticeships

FA to College 

FA to Degree 

FA College Information

FA in Accountancy

FA in Accountancy Website 

FA in Civil Engineering

FA in Civil Engineering Website

FA Food and Drink Technologies

FA Food and Drink Technologies Website

FA in Student Guide (All Courses)

Student Guide 

FA in Scientific Technologies

FA Scientific Technologies Website

FA in Software Development

FA Software Development Website

FA Social Services and Healthcare

FA Social Services and Healthcare Website

FA in Engineering

FA in Engineering Website

FA in Media

FA in Media Website

FA in Business Skills

FA in Business Skills Website

FA Creative and Digital Media

FA in Creative and Digital Media Website

FA Financial Services

FA Financial Services Website

Open University YASS Programme 

If you are interested in the Open University Young Applicants in Schools Scheme please speak to Mr MacWhirter as soon as possible.

You can study courses in Arts, Business and Management, Engineering, Computing and Technology, Health and Social Care, Languages, Law, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Sports and Exercise.

All courses are SCQF Level 7 which is the equivalent of Advanced Higher and the first year of University.

Click on the link below to read more about the potential areas of study. 

Open University - What can I study?

There is also a copy of the online assembly delivered to all pupils on Wednesday 17th February 2021.

Open University Virtual Assembly 

Edinburgh University (LEAPS)

What is LEAPS? Presentation – Online Recordings

LEAPS have recently recorded a couple of short presentations about their programme, which have been made available on the LEAPS website. The presentations introduce LEAPS, explain what they do, and outline the support offered to LEAPS-eligible students who are aiming for higher education at college or university. 

We are a Group 2 School so please ensure you look at the version for group 2 schools.  We have provided a link to the LEAPS school groupings and LEAPS eligibility criteria from the presentation web page.

You can find the presentations on the LEAPS website at:

About the LEAPS Transitions Course 

Please see the link below for more information about the LEAPS Transitions Course, which we are offering to LEAPS-eligible students as one option for their S6 timetable next year. The course will run from September 2021 to Easter 2022, and is designed to give students the skills and experience they need to make a positive transition from school to university. 

Are you LEAPS eligible?

To be LEAPS eligible you need to meet one of the criteria below:

  • Young carer or care experienced
  • Neither parent has a degree
  • Low income postcode (which can be checked on the LEAPS site)

Registration Deadline 

If you are a current S5 and are LEAPS-eligible you can select the LEAPS Transitions Course as part of your S6 timetable next year. Please indicate you would like to be considered for LEAPS on your course choice and complete the registration below by Friday 26th March 2021 










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