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English and Literacy

Welcome to the English Department!

The English team here in Beeslack are passionate about improving our students’ literacy skills and encouraging the enjoyment and appreciation of literature.  The benefits of good communication skills are well documented and you will build your skills in the key areas of Reading, Writing, Listening and Talk. 

The English Department team are as follows:

  • Mr S Graham PTC
  • Dr Isensee
  • Mrs Sharp
  • Mrs Antoni
  • Mrs Atherton
  • Mrs Heavon-Jones
  • Ms Roper

At the very heart of what we do is encouraging and developing reading for pleasure.  The act of reading regularly can have enormous benefits in all areas of your learning and is shown to develop writing skills, vocabulary, spelling, genre awareness and general knowledge.  As such, personal reading and reading for pleasure is promoted and you will be given opportunities to do this throughout your time at Beeslack. 

We don’t work in isolation though and the English Department works closely with other subject areas to help support the delivery of literacy skills in the school.  In S1 and S2, pupils follow a structured Literacy programme in the Library which helps build different reading skills such as skimming and scanning and identifying key points.  Making notes, searching and finding content, report writing, bibliographies and much more are covered in our comprehensive course.

You will also encounter TAP and COOL, our common approach to literacy tasks and we are confident that this will help support you in the wide variety of literacy tasks you will encounter as you progress through the school in different curricular areas.

Our section of the website contains lots of useful resources and information to help you with your studies, no matter what stage or level you are working at.  You will find what you need using the links at the side of the page.  If there is something you would like included on the page, please contact Mr Graham and we will see if it is possible to include it.  We want this to be the “go to” place for support with your English.

We hope you find the website useful and any feedback is most welcome.

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