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Enrolments and Placing Requests

We have created some frequently asked questions that will support you if you are enrolling a child or if your child is joining us as part of the normal transition from primary to secondary school.

How do I find school holiday dates? 

These are available for the current and following session in the “schools and learning” section of the main council website. Or alternatively on the school website

Where can I buy uniform? 

Please refer to the school information section of this website.  School ties are available from the main office.  The school really appreciates parental support in maintaining high standards in respect of uniform.

How can I find out about parent’s night, school concerts etc? 

Please check out our calendar on the home page or the news and events section of this website.  We also have a digital schoolbag in the school information section.

How can I get involved in school life as a parent? 

Our Parent Council would be delighted if you were to attend and make a contribution to meetings and other activities.  Again, you can find further information on the Beeslack Parent Council page in our school information section.

What should I do if I have a concern about my son or daughter? 

As a school we try to be very helpful when a parent raises a concern, however large or small.  In the first instance please ask for your child’s Guidance Teacher (details below).  Sometimes teachers are very busy and difficult to get hold of but admin colleagues will take a message and the Guidance Teacher will get back in touch with you. 

            Hoy House                  - Mr Giblin

            Livingstone House      - Ms Leppan

            Stevenson House        - Mr Shields

At Beeslack we aim to ensure that all siblings have the same Guidance Teacher in order that parents will have one point of contact that they ought to get to know well.

Can my child bring mobile technology to school? 

Pupils are allowed to bring phones and other forms of mobile technology to school, however they do so at their own risk.  These should be switched off during lessons (and between classes) unless a teacher permits use as part of a lesson.

What should a child do if they lose an item of clothing or property? 

They should ask a janitor who will check lost property.

What should my child do if they feel unwell during the day? 

If they feel unwell during a lesson they need to inform their teacher, who will send them to the main school office.  At this time the situation will be assessed by a Welfare Assistant.  As a parent you may be contacted at this stage.

If you son or daughter is unwell at break or lunchtime they should report to the school office.

How does Beeslack help new S1s settle in? 

There are a number of activities which help ease the transition from primary to high school.


  • An open evening in October where PTs and their parents/carers can meet staff and pupils; have a tour of the building; and take part in some lessons.
  • A 3 day Transition Programme in June during which P7s will follow S1 timetables and get a real sense of high school life and how to navigate their way around the building (with help!).  This ends with a Friday morning sports event.
  • Enhanced support can be provided through an extended transition programme which we can customise to suit the needs of individuals.

What should the new S1 do on their first day at Beeslack? 

New S1 pupils will be supported by their new S6 buddies.  They will be shown where to gather and be taken into Assembly where they will be welcomed by senior staff.  They will then spend time with their Registration Teacher who will distribute a timetable and provide an induction.

How will I get to school? 

This depends on where you live.  Pupils who live in Penicuik walk to school.  Many pupils travel by bus.  Pupils who live in Bilston and Roslin have bus passes.

 Other pupils who live in Loanhead, Dalkeith or Edinburgh also come to school by bus.

 At the end of the school day, pupils who live in Midlothian board a school bus in the school grounds.  Those going to Loanhead, Dalkeith or Edinburgh use the public bus on the Edinburgh Road.  There is an underpass which allows pupils to cross the road safely – this should always be used.

A small number of pupils cycle to school.  If you want to do this you must discuss it with your parents and find out what rules the school has about cycling to school.  These rules are there for your safety.

Will S1 need to bring PE kit on their first day? 

Our new S1 will be informed during the June Transition Programme if they need to bring PE kit on their first day. However, it’s advised that pupils do bring PE kit just in case!

Which Modern Language will S1 study? 

S1 are taught both French and German during S1.  They can then choose to specialise in S2.

How long are lessons? 

All periods are 50 minutes long.  A small number (such as in PE, HE or Inter Disciplinary Learning) can be timetabled as doubles periods.

How do lunchtimes work at Beeslack? 

Most pupils either bring a packed lunch or use the school canteen.  A lunch rota operates to ensure that everyone has a regular turn at being in first to lunch.  Lunch time lasts for 55 minutes so that youngsters can have a good break and are refreshed and ready for afternoon classes. (In addition, there is a 15 minute morning break).

Can I bring water to school? 

Yes.  Pupils can bring water to rehydrate during the day.

Is it difficult to stay organised? 

Not if a diary/planner is used.  Pupils are encouraged to keep a copy of their timetable at home and use this to pack their bag the night before to ensure they have the proper jotters and equipment.  They should also spread homework activity over the week and don’t allow too much work to mount up.

What do I do if I think I’m being bullied? 

Bullying is wrong.  It will not be tolerated because it works against all we are trying to achieve at Beeslack.

  • Do not by your actions make another person unhappy
  • Talk to your parents/carers if you are bullied or witness bullying
  • Tell your Guidance Teacher, your Registration Teacher or a prefect
  • Your information will receive urgent attention

Will I get lots of homework? 

Most subjects will set homework.  The amount you are given will depend on the subject and what your teacher needs you to do.  You will be given plenty of time to complete homework and the teacher will make sure that you write in your diary when it is due to be handed in.  Each week a homework club meets after school in the Library.  Pupils find this very helpful.

What will I do if I can’t do my work? 

Tell someone.  Tell your teacher, parents or go and see your Guidance Teacher.  The work you do in class should follow on from what you have been doing in P7.  Class teachers will provide you with appropriate work and help to ensure that you make progress.  You should feel confident to ask them for help.

Will my child be allowed out of class to go to the toilet? 

As a school we always try to minimise interruptions to learning and teaching. Pupils are encouraged to go to the toilet either at interval, lunchtime or between classes. Where a pupil does require to go to the toilet during class they will generally be allowed to do so. Staff are sympathetic to the needs of young people and guidance staff will work in partnership with young people and their parents if a concern is raised for medical reasons.

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