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The staff: Miss Caitlin Mackie, Miss  Clare-Louise Casey

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Broad General Education (S1/2/3)

Throughout S1-S3 Social Studies, pupils develop their understanding of history by learning about people, past events and societies within the Broad General Education (BGE). Pupils will develop many essential, transferable skills across a variety of Scottish, British and European and world contexts; the Scottish Wars of Independence, the Second World War, the Cold War, the Industrial Revolution in Britain and Westward expansion in the USA. History is a challenging subject and all pupils are encouraged and expected to develop their ability to describe and explain, to analyse, to work with a variety of sources and to research. Learners are also expected to take responsibility for their learning and to be able to work both independently and cooperatively with others.

Senior Phase

Within the Senior Phase, History is offered from National 3 to Advanced Higher level.

At National and Higher level, pupils engage with three topics from a Scottish, British and European and World context. They develop a number of skills: description, explanation, analysis, evaluation, comparing sources and putting a source into context. At National 3,4 and 5, pupils develop these skills to tackle individual questions. At Higher, pupils use these skills to produce extended responses, as well as answering source questions. Pupils also complete an Added Value Unit.

At Advanced Higher, pupils study one chosen context in detail throughout the year. They are expected to read widely and gain an understanding of historical opinion and argument surrounding their topic and the sub-topics within this. They will build upon their current skills to develop their essay writing and source questions, with the added focus of historiography. They are expected to work independently and engage in discussion and debate. Pupils also complete a project-dissertation. Learners will have the opportunity to develop their reading and writing skills as they research their topic and write their dissertation. They will also work independently to identify and refine a topic or issue and carry out their research.


National 3 History
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