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House System

The House System is well established in the school which is linked with pupils' register classes. This gives our learners a platform to support pupil voice and competition and is also used to recognise and promote their achievements within and outwith school.

We have three houses at Beeslack which were agreed upon following consultation with pupils and are named after three famous Scots. These are:

Hoy - named after Chris Hoy

Livingstone - named after David Livingstone

Stevenson - named after Robert Louis Stevenson

Through these, pupils are encouraged to work hard and participate in many opportunities as well as share their achievements out of school. Pupils will be awarded House Points. At the end of each term, individual pupil's points are added up and those who have been successful are awarded with Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum certificates at house assemblies. Consequently at the end of the school year, these points are added to the House overall total and the winning house are awarded the House Championship receiving a  house prize. 

Each register class has a house representative who represent the views of their class, help to organise events and identify their class-mates wider achievements. S6 pupils can also apply to become House Captains through a interview process and their role is to motivate and lead their house to success.

This year we have made some changes to the House Teams. The rationale behind these changes resulted from feedback from pupils, parents and carers. The changes are minimal and are reflective of the feedback and advice and guidance that schools receive from Education Scotland which will hopefully support the following areas;

  • Ease communication with school for pupils, parents and carers
  • Support the House system
  • Promote the achievements of our pupils in school and out of school
  • Ensure we have effective systems in place to promote equity of success and achievement for all children and young people.

The house teams will work with your child to support them throughout their school career and will not change as your child moves through the school. The guidance teacher for your child has not changed, however, the DHT Head of House will now stay the same and not change year on year.

The first point of contact for parents is either the PT Guidance for the appropriate house or the DHT Head of House. If you have any concerns or wish to share any information either an achievement or information which you think will help us support your child then please contact the appropriate house team.

The House Teams are as follows:

Hoy House

Mrs McGlade DHT Head of House
Mr Giblin PT Guidance
Mr Graham PTC Languages and Literacy
Mr Creamer PTC Social Subjects

Livingstone House

Mrs Donoughue DHT Head of House
Mrs Leppan PT Guidance
Ms Leonard PTC Health and Wellbeing
Mr McGinley PTC Technologies

Stevenson House

Mr MacWhirter DHT Head of House

Ross Shields

PT Guidance
Mr MacDonald PTC Science
Mr Perry PTC Expressive Arts
Mr Nicholson PTC Maths and Numeracy


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