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Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL)

Interdisciplinary learning in the Broad General Education

All learners in S1- 3 have 2 periods a week of timetabled IDL. This time is for the young people to develop and use skills such as team working, leadership and communication whilst linking their learning from across the different subjects of their curriculum.

In S1 the pupils work towards a John Muir award. They rotate through 6 blocks of work, each led by a different teacher and focus on areas such as social justice campaigns, environmental surveying,  exploring the natural world in the school grounds as well as a literacy project researching the life and work of John Muir.

In S2 and S3 pupils have 3 projects to complete over each academic year. These projects aim to give the young people real life scenarios to work on and apply their skills and learning.

  •  ‘Visit Midlothian’ pupils work to create a tourism campaign to promote Midlothian as a tourist destination.
  • Cafe Europa will allow the pupils to set up a cafe with a European theme and gives them the experience of running a real life business enterprise with the aim of making a profit for charity.
  • Other projects will include a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) theme and an Employability unit.
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