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Welcome To Our Library!

Beeslack School Library is situated on the 1st floor, next to the Music Department.

The Library aims to:

  • Play a central role in supporting learning and teaching in Beeslack
  • Allow pupils to practice essential literacy skills through our S1/S2 Literacy Across Learning programme
  • Encourage good personal reading habits in S1 and S2
  • Empower our young people and encourage them to develop into lifelong learners
  • Help meet the needs of all learners

The library is managed by Mrs D. Wren, who is a Chartered Librarian with many years of experience in running a school library.

What do we have to offer?

  • There are almost 6,000 books in stock to choose from: including a selection of classic and current popular fiction and information books suitable for both departmental work and personal reading.
  • We are continuing to invest in a growing collection of graphic novels and manga which is proving very popular with all our readers.
  •  There is a wide range of dyslexia friendly books for all age ranges. A small but expanding collection of audio and eBooks for the iPad are also available for pupils who have challenges with reading.
  • We subscribe to a variety of general interest magazines and “The Advertiser” - the local newspaper for Midlothian.
  • A selection of fun board games including Scrabble, Chess, Jenga and Connect Four are available for pupils’ use in the mornings, lunchtimes and after school.
  • We have a small ICT room attached to the Library which can be booked for small groups and a further 2 PCs in the library, used for school related internet research.
  • There is a quiet reading area with comfy seats/bean bag cubes to read and relax in.
  • The Library maintains 70 iPads which are used by departments across the school. The librarian also works very closely with the Support for Learning department to help pupils who use ICT to assist with their learning.
  • The Careers adviser is based in the library on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.There is also an up to date Careers library offering information about further education and careers. Help with using on-line careers resources such as the “My World of Work” and “PlanIt” websites is also available as required.

Borrowing Resources from the Library:

  • Books are issued for 2 weeks.
  • All loans can be renewed.
  • Items, which are on loan, can be reserved and suggestions for new titles are always welcome.

Overdue items:

  • There will be no fines charged for overdue items, however they should be returned as soon as possible. No other books will be issued until the overdue item has been returned.
  • If a book is lost or damaged then it must be paid for in full.

Opening Times:

The library is open at the following times:

  • Monday – Friday: 8.20am - 8.40am
  • Monday – Wednesday lunchtime: 1.45pm - 1.15 pm
  • Thursday lunchtime - S1 BRAW Club (Books, Reading and Writing):  1.15pm - 2.10pm
  • Monday - Thursday 3.50pm – 4.25 pm

Learning and Teaching

The library contributes in many ways to the learning and teaching taking place throughout the school. We try to provide all our pupils with access to information and help them to develop their literacy skills in a supportive environment, through Beeslack’s “Literacy across Learning” programme, which is delivered in the Library.

“Literacy across Learning” programme:

S1 and S2 pupils come to the Library for one period each week. During this time, they will cover a majority of Experiences and Outcomes for Literacy: skills that can be used all subject departments and in future life. In S3, all pupils continue to practice these skills via their core RME classes.

These Literacy Experiences and Outcomes can then be reinforced by the teaching staff, in their classes when required.

Skills covered include:

  • Personal reading
  • Speed reading techniques (Skimming/ scanning)
  • Research skills /Information literacy: how locate, evaluate and use information effectively
  • Writing a good bibliography
  • Information report writing: TAP and COOL

Further information about this and other aspects of the programme can be found on the Education Scotland website:


“The pleasures and benefits of regular reading are well known.  Reading skills themselves improve with practice;  concentration spans lengthen;  the imagination is stimulated;  an awareness and an understanding of the lives of others is developed;  general knowledge and vocabulary are widened;  spelling improves and good models for writing are provided.  It is most fitting, then, that our reading initiative is called “Read for the Future”.”

S1 Literacy information letter

The Read for the Future Challenge is a major element of Beeslack’s S1 “Literacy Across Learning” programme. Through it, we encourage our pupils to read as widely as they can and to report back on this reading in a variety of ways.

Pupils can undertake both spoken and written reports, earning “world credits” and World Explorer certificates throughout the year.

Although we encourage pupils to read at home as part of Read for the Future, they are also supported through fortnightly ERIC (Everyone Reading in Class) and 10 minute personal reading time during English lessons. We also run, in association with Support for Learning, the “Beeslack Reads” scheme during registration twice a week, which “buddies” up those pupils who have experienced challenges with reading with a S6 reading partner.

There are a variety of different ways that we use to support S1 through the Challenge and pupils are encouraged to speak to Mrs Wren if they feel that they need/ want help at any point throughout the year.

Parents/Carers are welcome to get involved With “Read for the Future”. There is a feedback sheet included in the Literacy/ Numeracy information pack which is issued to all S1 pupils at the beginning of each school year.

 If your child can answer the questions fully and convincingly, then he/she is deserving of praise for having taken another step along the road towards the goal of exploring the Worlds of Reading.  Parents/carers should then enter their initials and a date to confirm that a book has been read and checked, in their child’s homework diary (Pages 17 -18).

This is an excellent way to get to get involved with what your child is reading and feedback from parents/carers for this aspect of the challenge is generally very

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