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Modern Studies


Mr Mike Creamer

Miss Caitlin Mackie

Miss Clare-Louise Casey

Introduction to the department

Modern Studies is the social, political and economic study of local, national and international issues.  Modern Studies is concerned with what’s going on in the world, how we find out about it and what we can do to change it.

Broad General Education (BGE)

In the broad general education, Modern Studies aims to develop in pupils a greater understanding of the contemporary world and their place within it. The purpose of Modern Studies is to develop knowledge and understanding of current political and social issues in local, Scottish, UK and international contexts. Pupils will develop an awareness of the social and political issues they will meet in their lives. They will be encouraged to develop transferable skills that will be applied throughout their school career, as well as those more specific to Modern Studies. They will learn to critically analyse information and develop research skills to assess evidence, as well as reinforcing literacy and numeracy skills required for the Senior Phase and beyond.

Senior Phase:

Course details:

In the Senior Phase, Modern Studies course offers pupils an opportunity to continue to develop their interest in political, social and international issues. The course is varied and engaging and will ensure that pupils are challenged and supported throughout.
National 4 and 5 Modern Studies courses:

Unit 1:  Democracy in Scotland and Britain. This unit will focus on Scotland’s political system and will examine the role of the Scottish Parliament.
Unit 2: Social Issues in Britain - Law and Order. This unit will focus on the legal system in Scotland. Topics include the impact of crime on society, the role of the police and courts and how the state tackles the issue of crime.
Unit 3:  International Issues: Pupils will focus on the social, economic and political influence of the United States of America.

Higher courses:

Course Structure:
There are three unit areas in the Higher Modern Studies Course:

1 Democracy in Scotland and the United Kingdom
Pupils will study aspects of the democratic political system in the United Kingdom (UK) including the place of Scotland within this.

2 Social Issues in the United Kingdom: Crime and the Law

Pupils will focus on relevant and contemporary aspects of crime, criminology and the law.

3 International Issues: Terrorism
The study of a world issue will focus on a significant recent issue or conflict which has a global impact.

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