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School Improvement Plan

The School Improvement Plan (SIP) for 2017-18 takes into account a rolling programme of 3-year plans and progress made on the previous SIP. At points throughout the session will also consider the key messages we can derive from Insight, student voice and parental feedback and other data sources which we will use  to inform our planning.

The School Improvement Plan forms the basis of Faculty Improvement Plans, which further identify specific tasks required to achieve the overall objectives. The emphasis on particular developments and tasks will vary from faculty to faculty depending on need, experience, staffing, and resources.  

Improvement is an on-going process that involves a number of stages. These stages can be described as:

  • Awareness-raising – Initial information, discussion, familiarisation, outline planning, training, pilots
  • Development – Specific training and work undertaken towards implementation
  • Implementation – Initial application of what has been developed
  • Embedding – Embedding in practice
  • Monitoring and Review – Monitoring and assessing progress; reviewing and further development as required

The SIP priorities focus on the major developments that we will take forward in the coming session.  Evaluation of the impact of the SIP will form the basis of the school’s self-evaluation of overall performance, a programme that will include:

  • Classroom visits – A formal programme of visits by PTs and SLT, and informal visits by peers
  • Faculty reviews – PT/DHT/HT meetings to review pupil performance, progress on SIP priorities, training and resourcing needs
  • Analysis of results and other performance data
  • Feedback from pupils, parents and staff
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