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School Uniform

School dress has been especially designed to be modern, attractive and flexible. We encourage youngsters to be involved in the life of the school, to be proud of the reputation of their school and to identify with us through school dress.

There is no doubt that a community partly judges its school on the standard of dress of its pupils. A good standard of dress, therefore, is expected and we shall discourage the wearing of denim e.g. skinny jeans, leggings, hooded tops and of extremes of fashion, of make-up and of jewellery. 

Articles of clothing associated with violence or anti-social behaviour or which may lead to conflict (eg football scarves, certain badges) should not be worn.

Midlothian Council adopt a policy of banning the wearing of light sportswear garments in practical areas as many of these garments are marked as being flammable.

School Dress details below:

White shirt/Blouse

Black Skirt/trousers

Plain black jumper/cardigan (no hooded tops)

Plain black footwear (no trainers)

School House tie or S6 tie


Garments associated with leisure wear should not be worn to school. This includes jeans, denim jackets or similar, leggings, hooded tops etc.

Jewellery, including facial piercings, and make-up should be kept to a minimum.



A change of clothing, for hygiene, comfort and safety, is required for PE. Pupils will normally be given time to shower after their PE lesson and they should carry a towel for this purpose.

Suitable clothes for PE include the following: 

  • Short sleeve plain T-shirt (no logos)
  • Tracksuit/long sleeve top for outside activities
  • Clean sports shoes/trainers with non-marking soles
  • Football/Rugby club/team tops should not be worn

Pupils will be expected to change out of their PE clothing into their uniform when they have PE last period in the school day.


No jewellery should be worn during any PE activity and, as the process of collecting jewellery impacts on teaching time, we would ask that pupils do not bring jewellery on those days when they have PE.

The Authority operates a scheme of clothing grants to assist parents in ensuring that a pupil is sufficiently and suitably clad to take full advantage of the education provided. Families in receipt of Income-based Job Seekers allowance, on Income Support or Child Tax Credit but not Working Tax Credit (subject to a maximum annual income), both maximum Child Tax Credit and maximum Working Tax Credit (subject to a maximum annual income) or support under Part VI or the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 will automatically qualify for such a scheme. Other cases will be determined according to the personal circumstances of the family. Parents who wish to apply for the scheme should complete an application form which is available from this school or the 

Education and Children’s Services Division, 
Fairfield House, 
8 Lothian Road, 
EH22 3ZG.

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