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Senior Phase

Senior Phase

As part of the Senior Phase S4 to S6, Business is taught at National 3 and National 4 levels and Business Management is taught at National 5 and National 6 (Higher) levels.  Pupils are given opportunities to develop enterprise and employability skills by analysing business case studies, using IT to present results of investigative tasks, and developing IT skills that aid business organisation and decision making.  The course content relates mainly to businesses located in Scotland, but also looks at the implications of locating and/or trading in a world-wide global market.

National 4

The Business course introduces learners to the dynamic, competitive, financial and economic environment of business today.  It develops employability skills and skills in presenting business related information to various stakeholders.  It will support learners in becoming more confident in the world of work.

National 5

The main feature of the Business Management course is the development of enterprise and employability skills.  Learners will be able to understand and make use of business information to interpret and report on overall business performance in a range of contexts.  The course includes the study of organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors

 National 6 (Higher)

The Business Management Higher course looks at the world of business as a whole and will enable you to acquire knowledge and understanding of the role and operation of business, to exercise analytical skills, to employ these skills in real and simulated situations and to communicate by means of written or spoken language.

Useful Resources

Textbooks - Leckie & Leckie Course Notes

                     Grade A Booster (Leckie & Leckie)

                     Business Management - Peter Hagan

                     How to Pass Higher Business Management - Craig McLeod

Scholar - Business Management

SQA Past Paper Questions 2015 and 2016



National 3 Business     Business in Action, Influences on Business
National 4 Business Business in Action, Influence on Business and a Business Added Value Assignment
National 5 Business Management

Understanding Business, Marketing & Operations, People & Finance, Business Assignment

Higher Business Management Understanding Business, Marketing & Operations, People & Finance, Business Assignment
National 3 People and Society   Investigating Skills, Compare and Contrast, Making Decisions
National 4 People and Society  Investigating Skills, Compare and Contrast, Making Decisions, P&S Added Value Assignment



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